Who We Are

Company Profile

Pacific Summit Energy (PSE) is the North American energy marketing and trading affiliate of Sumitomo Corporation (Sumitomo), the Japanese global enterprise with more than 350 years of successful business history.

As an energy trading and marketing boutique, PSE has an advantage of having the financial resources of Sumitomo combined with our experienced team of energy specialists dedicated to customer service.

Company History

Sumitomo formed PSE to expand their midstream presence in the North American energy industry.

Founded in 2004, PSE has grown to include more than 80 employees across California, Texas and Virginia. We have over 600 counterparties with customers ranging from other wholesale trading companies to commercial and industrial end users.

PSE added trading desks for power in 2012 and crude oil in 2014. These additions, along with our entry into LNG projects in 2013, have allowed PSE to grow and establish a dominant presence in the commodity trading space.

Our Focus

PSE’s market presence is widespread along the energy supply chain, ranging from purchasing large volumes from producers at the wellhead to meeting the supply needs of industrial and commercial end users and utilities.

PSE offers a strong history of ethical practices and a wealth of professional knowledge in trading and marketing of natural gas, power, crude oil and LNG products.

Our Goals and Principles

As a part of a fully integrated trading and investment enterprise, PSE develops and nurtures reliable long-term commercial relationships that evolve with the foresight and flexibility to cope with changing times.

Like our parent companies, we believe that strength and prosperity are achievable by placing prime importance on integrity, performance and sound management in conducting all of our business.

Our Experience

PSE’s management and front-line employees have decades of experience in North American energy markets. Suppliers and customers know PSE as a knowledgeable and financially strong company managed by professionals with significant industry experience.

Our Mission Statement


PSE’s vision is to have a regional and global influence through the growth of mutually beneficial relationships and evolving energy specialization in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.


PSE’s mission is to optimize limited natural resources in a dynamic global energy market while acting with integrity and devotion to our customers, employees, and shareholders.

Foundational Values

  • Adaptability: Respect and respond to an ever-changing market.  Establish a presence in new energy markets and allocate resources to capture value. Act as environmental stewards by championing everyday sustainability practices.
  • Education: Pursue specialized knowledge and skillsets to provide efficient and original solutions in our endeavors.
  • Initiative: Achieve the highest level of contribution to our employees, our shareholders, and society.
  • Integrity: Conduct business honestly and sincerely and foster a diverse and inclusive environment. This principle underlies all others; by maintaining integrity, PSE will build a strong foundation of mutually beneficial relationships.

Steps to Success

  • Adaptability :
    • Always think forward by expanding on current projects or investing in evolving markets.
    • Develop scalable infrastructure to meet the demands of the business efficiently.
    • Support sustainable practices for daily office tasks.
  • Education:
    • Embrace cross-training programs across departments in pursuit of strengthening business acumen, process improvement, & team building.
    • Maintain transparency within PSE by communicating ideas clearly.
    • Continue education for specialized fields to stay on top of the ever-changing industry.
  • Initiative:
    • Set ambitious goals with clarity and careful planning.
    • Maintain autonomy of the individual, the group & the company to do the job assigned.
    • Demand more of yourself than others in business activities.
  • Integrity:
    • Maintain a safe and open environment where ideas are heard and respected; treat everyone equally and provide equal opportunities to our employees and customers.
    • Recruit employees with diverse backgrounds and skillsets to foster an inclusive company worldview.
    • Honor our commitments to help build and maintain a strong reputation.
    • Support local communities in need across PSE offices monetarily and volunteer for a good cause.
    • Designate one week a year across PSE and have each office volunteer their time in their local communities.

Compliance with the UK’s Modern Slavery Act 2015

Sumitomo Corporation conducts business based on the Sumitomo Corporation Group’s Management Principles and Activity Guidelines and the Sumitomo Corporation Group’s CSR Action Guidelines for Supply Chain Management. In accordance with the UK’s Modern Slavery Act 2015, as a company of Sumitomo Corporation Group, the Senior Management Committee of PSE has approved Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement for the fiscal year 2022 (dated August 1, 2023).

Our Parent Companies

Sumitomo Corporation (Sumitomo) is one of the world’s leading fully integrated trading and investing enterprises and a major distributor of commodities, industrial products and consumer goods.

Besides its role as an international trader, Sumitomo Corporation is an active investor in a diverse range of businesses and markets with long-term potential.

Sumitomo Corporation is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and has offices in over 65 countries. Sumitomo is actively involved in oil and natural gas development and long-term LNG projects all over the world.

Sumitomo is also focused on investment and infrastructure development of electric power projects and is an equity partner in numerous power plants in North America.

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Sumitomo Subsidiaries & Affiliates

Sumitomo Corporation of Americas (SCOA) was established in 1952 and is headquartered in New York City. SCOA is the largest wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo, with offices in 10 major US cities, as well as various cities in Central and South America.

As an integrated global trading firm with diversified investments, assets and trading businesses in the Americas, SCOA works closely with Sumitomo as an organizer of multinational projects and financier. SCOA is also an investor and business partner in more than 90 subsidiary and affiliate companies.

SCOA’s principal activities include domestic manufacturing, import/export, investments, financing, leasing, distribution, project management, discovery and application of new technologies and development of natural resources.

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SCOA's Subsidiaries & Affiliates